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Externals Update, 21.2 branch (2019.01.11.)

Updated all projects to atlasexternals-1.0.45. This is to switch the analysis releases to LCG_94a. (And to bring in all the recent developments of that repository.)

The full list of changes since atlasexternals-1.0.38 is massive (atlasexternals@1.0.38...1.0.45). The important ones for us are:

  • Updated from LCG_93 to LCG_94a, including updating all the standalone externals to the versions used in LCG_94a;
  • Updated to KLFitter 1.2.1 (@kzoch);
  • Updated to HDF5 1.10.3 (@dguest);
  • Updated to lwtnn 2.8;
  • Improved the dictionary building dependency generation to make the incremental CI builds a bit more robust;

You can find some more information about the previous attempt to upgrade to LCG_94 on:

Unfortunately I was not able to do absolutely every test I wanted with AthAnalysis, so it's not impossible that the build of that would still have some issues. 😦

Edited by Attila Krasznahorkay

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