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ATR-19003 Pseudomerge of B-Phys/LS trigger packages from 21.0-TrigMC to master

Pseudomerge of BLS packages, see JIRA ATR-19003.

There were some general changes in master and many BLS specific changes in 21.0-TrigMC. From our point of view the master branch is really outdated. Thus we have resolved all conflicts in this way.

Update packages:TrigEffJpsiTools TrigBphysicsEvent TrigTopoEvent TrigTopoEventTPCnv TrigBphysHypo TrigEgammaMuonCombHypo TrigBphysMonitoring bphysics from upstream/21.0-TrigMC to upstream/master via pseudo-merge, using: --packages Trigger/TrigAnalysis/TrigEffJpsiTools Trigger/TrigEvent/TrigBphysicsEvent Trigger/TrigEvent/TrigTopoEvent Trigger/TrigEvent/TrigTopoEventTPCnv Trigger/TrigHypothesis/TrigBphysHypo Trigger/TrigHypothesis/TrigEgammaMuonCombHypo Trigger/TrigMonitoring/TrigBphysMonitoring Trigger/TriggerCommon/TriggerMenu/python/bphysics --source upstream/21.0-TrigMC --target upstream/master --stage 1

Edited by Tomas Jakoubek

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