DAOD_NANO prototype using CP algorithms

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A first version of a small derivation format containing calibrated objects.

Tagging @elmsheus @jcatmore @akraszna @krumnack @egramsta . A few notes:

  • I needed to include the CP algorithms in AthDerivation; previously they were only in the analysis releases.
  • I also needed to (trivally) modify a couple of thinning tools to make sure they actually do the thinning even if the object container supplied was empty. Derivation experts, please look at this carefully to make sure it doesn't break anything (my tests seemed to be OK, but...).
  • I added a deepCopyOutput option to the various algorithm sequences - this is needed to dump the calibrated object containers out to the DAOD.
  • The change in Event/EventBookkeeperTools/src/EventCounterAlg.cxx is required by the fact that the CP algorithms require the PileupAnalysisSequence to be run to work. This in turns creates a new EventInfo object, so a simple evtStore()->retrieve(evtInfo); no longer works without spelling out the name of the container.
  • I copied the config files used by the TauAnalysisSequence from SUSYTools to the TauAnalysisAlgorithms package itself. Something like this will eventually need to be done anyway, and it seems a better solution than including SUSYTools in AthDerivation for this purpose only.
  • One shouldn't pay too much attention to the physics content of the format at this stage. The idea was to get something that runs and can be built on.

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