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Adding the jet cleaning vars back into SUSY6 and SUSY15

Adding the jet cleaning vars into the SlimmingHelper ExtraVariables list for SUSY15 and SUSY6 derivation scripts in the DerivationFrameworkSUSY package. Have checked this works by making both derivations and I see that the variables are now part of the AntiKt4EMTopo jets collection, as expected.

Derivations for both SUSY6 and SUSY15 that show this are in my lxplus public folder:


with the name: DAOD_SUSY15.test.root and DAOD_SUSY6.test.root. This test was done with the January 17th 2019 nightly as well as the AthDerivation, release.

The jet cleaning variables added back in are necessary for the DV+MET, DV+JETS, and dEdx analyses and were removed from smartSlimming 7 months ago. The variables added are:

  • EMFrac
  • AverageLArQF
  • FracSamplingMax
  • FracSamplingMaxIndex
  • HECFrac
  • HECQuality
  • LArQuality
  • NegativeE

Tagging RPVLL SUSY conveners, who are aware of the situation: @leejr @hoide Also tagging: @cohm @ljeanty @spagan @jroloff @mglisic @fbackman

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