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HltEventLoopMgr: fixes to startup sequence and SOR handling

Frank Winklmeier requested to merge fwinkl/athena:hlt_sorhelper into master

Changes to CMakeLists.txt

  • Link component library against regular library
  • Remove unused dependencies

Changes in HltEventLoopMgr:

  • start() should not be used in the EventLoopMgr as it is executed before prepareForRun. Moved the relevant code there.
  • Also added back calls to sysBeginRun (soon to be deprecated) and fire the BeginRun incident in order to stay in sync with offline.
  • Make SORPath configurable via property in HltEventLoopMgr
  • Store the current "run context" in a private member. This is useful for interacting with the IOV(Db)Svc during the start sequence.

Major cleanup of TrigSORFromPtreeHelper:

  • Inherit from AthMessaging to get access to the regular messaging macros.
  • Use ATH_CHECK where it makes sense
  • Avoid passing around pointers to the SOR object by merging a few small methods into one.
  • Remove a several typedefs and using declarations
  • Add eventID(ptree) method to create an EventIDBase from the RunParams ptree.

💡 The changes to TrigSORFromPtreeHelper are large and it's probably easier to just look at the full file rather than the diff.

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