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Cleanup of muon trigger hypo package

Savanna Shaw requested to merge sshaw/athena:muonHypoCleanup into master

Since the run 2 muon hypo code and the athenaMT hypo code is completely separate, I've moved all the athenaMT related code to a new package (TrigMuonHypoMT). This keeps the run 2 TrigMuonHypo from growing too large (there's all ready quite a lot there, not all of which will be needed for run 3), and will allow for easy cleanup of run 2 code later on when we don't need it any more.

We also had two different config files for running the athenaMT hypo code, so this was cleaned up to have one file (and the relevent tests were updated to be able to use only the one configuration). Also removed some unused/obsolete bits of the configuration.

cc @markowen @nakahama

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