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New configuration system for jet reconstruction -- take 2

Teng Jian Khoo requested to merge khoo/athena:master-JetRecConfig-CA into master

Second attempt that doesn't accidentally add a submodule.

This replaces the JetRecConfig package that was never actually used with a new python-only package that provides a more modern interface for jet reconstruction configuration. Features:

  • Declarative definition of jet collection parameters & decoration content

  • Dynamic resolution of dependencies based on the target decorations requested by the user

  • Generation of complete standalone jet reconstruction sequences

  • Ability to inspect configurations prior to job execution This uses the ComponentAccumulator to merge jet reco sequences when multiple jet algorithms are requested. At this time, there is a minimal usage of ConfigFlags, but this will grow when JetRecConfig is used for reco transforms and HLT reconstruction.

Tagging @peter, @loch, @williams, @delsart for info.

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