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Migrates ISF_ParametricSim from RooFit to CLHEP

Miha Muskinja requested to merge mmuskinj/athena:master-ISF_ParSim-CLHEP into master

Removes the RooFit dependency from ISF_ParametricSim and replaces random stuff with CLHEP. This is to allow for random seed control.

Seed of the random engine has to be set uniquely for each event. With this commit this is done in ParametricSimSvc setupEvent(). Then ParametricSimSvc passes this random engine to the smearers where randomization is performed. It needs to be passed through two function calls: process() and smear().

It was necessary to change two interfaces for this and their implementations, thus the changes in Fatras.

I also changed MuonSmearerMode to 3 by default since this is the only available parametrization currently.

Most of the changes are in MuonSmearer since the commit replaces RooMultiVarGaussian with CLHEP::RandMultiGauss.

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