WIP: ComponentAccumulator configuration for SCT and Pixel digitization

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Define new style replacements for SCT_DigitizationConfig.py and PixelDigitizationConfig.py

With ConfigFlags definitions utilities and dependencies, including *ToolSetup replacements

Also makes minor updates to BCM_Digitization.


SCT_ReadCalibChipDataConfig.py lines 22-25: ComponentAccumulator folder tools do not have the tag features previously used here. Are these okay to neglect?

SCT_DigitizationConfig.py lines 75-83: To avoid migrating the ExperimentalDigi flag, doDetailedSurfChargesGen has not been migrated here. Is this still needed?

PixelCablingConfigNew.py line 60: Is this DBM logic correct?

OverlayConfigFlags.py line 15: Overlay.EventStore flag is questionable.

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