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TriggerMenuMT: L1 item in chain name, Test slice configuration in place

Catrin Bernius requested to merge bernius/athena:L1inChainName into master
  • Given that L1 seeds are always appended to the HLT name, default in TriggerMenuMT, questionable if enforcing it also in TrigUpgrade test makes sense, need to check if the change breaks thigns
  • Create test slice (folder and relevant files) in TriggerMenuMT for test purposes
  • Changes a few copyright years forgotten in previous MR (!21013 (merged))
  • Associated to ATR-17934

@tbold: contrary to what we discussed in the last meeting, I've decided not to touch the TrigUpgrade package. The changes should be compatible so tests don't break and we'll enforce the naming convention etc when moving to TMMT.

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