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remove potential memory leak in FTK_TrackMaker and change ROB prefetching to specify all FTK ROBs

John Baines requested to merge baines/athena:21.3-TrackMakerFix-Fev-2019 into 21.3

FTK_TrackMaker gets ownership of a TrackCollection(SG::ViewElements) from the FTK_DataProviderSvc but neither does AttachFeature that would pass ownership to StoreGate nor delete. Since the tracks are not used, the call has been changed to unsigned int nFTKtracks = m_ftkdatasvc->nRawTracks(); The FTK_TrackMaker was only pre-fetching the FTK ROBs in the RoI, but currently the FTK_DataProviderSvc unpacks all the FTK ROBs in one go, so the pre-registering of the ROBS has been updated to the full list. This fixes ATR-19470

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