Add support for complex jet chains. Temporarily limit menu items for simple chains.

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Previous WIP MR jetchainconfig1 appears to have been corrupted. That MR has been closed, and this one takes its place.

Add support for complex jet chains.

While the hypo tools are set up by a call to TrigHLTJetHypoConfig.trigJetHypoToolFromName() only a few chains are supported. The situation will change when TrigHLTJetHypoConfig.trigJetHypoToolFromDict() is called

Menus have been limited to HLT_j85 and HLT_j45 for this reason: Trigger/TrigValidation/TrigUpgradeTest/share/ Trigger/TrigValidation/TrigUpgradeTest/share/jetMenu.ref Trigger/TrigValidation/TrigUpgradeTest/share/

Failing monitoriung code for Caalorimeter (???) commented out Trigger/TrigValidation/TrigUpgradeTest/python/

The remaining changes are C++ and python configuration files for complex chains.

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