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pseudomerge of TrigEgammaAnalysisTools packages from rel 21 to master

Command used to build the workspace:

setupATLAS asetup Athena,master,latest git clone cd athena git remote add upstream
--packages Trigger/TrigAnalysis/TrigEgammaAnalysisTools
--source archive/21.0-TrigMC
--target upstream/master
--stage 1

All conflicts were solved comparing the master and TrigMC. Most part of AcceptData strategy are taken from the master branch. Used the ctest and some trigger monitoring scripts (my script) to test everything. This MR fixed the problem related in ATR-19448

See the discussion about the pseudo merge in: ATR-19005

Tagging: @fernando and @thrynova (ringer MT task) and @wsfreund

Edited by Joao Victor Da Fonseca Pinto

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