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Full scan muon trigger updates

Savanna Shaw requested to merge sshaw/athena:muonEFFS into master

Adding the ID tracking and MS-ID combination to the full scan muon chain (ATR-17553).

Needed to modify the trig fast track finder config so that we could run two different muon instances (with different input RoI collections) in the same event. Modified the EF muon hypos so that they can take into account that multiple muons may be found per RoI Added the EventViewCreatorAlgorithmWithMuons to be able to build RoIs around the MS muons found in the full detector to be able to subsequently run the ID tracking and MS-ID combination in these RoIs. Changed the EF combined muon reco sequence to configure differently named algorithms if we run in standard RoI chains or full scan chains. Also needed to modify slightly InDetSetup for the case where multiple instances of event level containers were being created with the same name.

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