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Updates to: Tau algorithm, MET algorithm, Trigger tower tile scale, CTP simulation, menu

Pier-Olivier Deviveiros requested to merge (removed):21.3 into 21.3

This is a partial re-write of the Run3 L1Calo Tau eFEX algorithm. The seeding has been changed to a one 0.1x0.1 local tower maximum, and the clustering uses a 0.2x0.2 window approach (for a simple first implementation). A new EM2 isolation variable has been decorated as well (Nagoya-style, 2 hottests cells in EM2 divided by the whole layer energy). This new algorithm should be used for the next round of production. This has been tested locally on ~400 events in an ESD->AOD job and the turn-on curve now looks considerably better.

Some updates to the MET algorithm to allow splitting into FPGA based eta slices.

Fix for the tile energy scale.

Updates to the CTP and menu.

Edited by Ben Carlson

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