added IdDictMuonSpectrometer files for both symmetric and asymmetric NSW detector layouts

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Hi all,

this MR adds two IdDictMuonSpectrometer files (IdDictMuonSpectrometer_R.09.AsymNSW.xml and IdDictMuonSpectrometer_R.09.NSW.xml) accounting for a possible asymmetric detector layout wrt the NSW for Run3.

In IdDictMuonSpectrometer_R.09.NSW.xml, a symmetric NSW layout is assumed and the MDT chambers of EI, the CSC chambers and the TGC chambers of T4F are removed.

In IdDictMuonSpectrometer_R.09.AsymNSW.xml, an asymmetric NSW layout is assumed where the NSW only is installed on the Aside of the detector and the EI, CSC and T4F chambers stay on the Cside.

These two files are needed in both master and 21.3 for validating the two detector layout options.

Adding @rosati, @wleight and @cchau as the muon/NSW SW conveners

Best, Nico

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