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Removing tau trigger dependency on TrigTauDiscriminant, and cleanup


This MR removes the dependency on TrigTauDiscriminant for the evaluation of the jet BDT ID in tau triggers. Once this MR is merged, TrigTauDiscriminant can be deleted from master (ATR-19015). Old tau trigger configurations have been cleaned up. Code has been made slightly more readable (use of lists). Some discontinued chains have been removed from the menu (e.g. tight1, tracktwoEFmvaTES,...), and one has been added to Physics_pp_v7_primaries (tau25_mediumRNN_tracktwoMVA that we can now schedule in master!). I don't put the "changes-trigger-counts" label because the counts of existing triggers should not change (we'll just have new counts from the RNN chain). Tagging @guindon and @carquin , and @aranzazu and @jmontejo for menu changes. This MR should be merged after !22450 (merged) .

Cheers, Bertrand

Edited by Bertrand Martin Dit Latour

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