Added ESD saving in the full_menu test

Merged Tomasz Bold requested to merge tbold/athena:configure-trigger-output-in-reg-ex-jobs into master

With this MR recording of the ESD content is added. For now it is a bit brute force, but it would allow analysis on the ESD on sizeable menu as well as estimation of sizes. In addition I removed the Test from the L1Decoder as it is actually not a test configuration, but rather the primary one. It also synchronises it wiht NewJO name. For consistency I have also renamed the main sequencer from hltTop to HLTTop as we name all sub sequencers HLTSteps etc. Also consistent wiht the NewJO.

As for the ESD content I have only checked that is is readable by checkxAOD script and verified that the merging of views is invoked properly. Exact content checking should come next. Tagging @tamartin

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