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MdtCalibrationDbSvc MT migration v3

Callback functions and member data cache are removed from MdtCalibrationDbSvc using ReadCondHandle. For example derived data in "RtKey" was originally recorded by MdtCalibDbCoolStrTool reading raw data from "/MDT/RTBLOB". And the data was provided via detector store, removing previous IoV data. But in AthenaMT, derived data must be provided by an Alg via the condition store. So a new Alg with WriteCondhandle (MdtCalibDbAlg) is added to the condition sequence.

To schedule the derived data in the AthenaMT scheduler (--threads=1), the parent Svc and DbSvc are changed in to Tool and DbTool. And the private tools and condition handles are declared as properties either using auto-declaring initializer or declareProperty(). This should fix the read error found in a trigger test [!21313 (merged)] after merging the first MR [!21512 (merged)]. Since the same trigger test ( was not running in master (master,x86_64,centos7,gcc8,opt,2019-04-05T2141,Athena), I used another trigger test (

The trigger test, q221 and q431 output ESD was ok [diff-root-run09-q431.txtdiff-root-run09-mu_run_data.txtdiff-root-run09-q221.txt]. The tier0 test was also ok [RunTier0Tests.log]. Thanks a lot for feedback from @wleight @rosati @diehl @oda .

Edited by Tadej Novak

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