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Move a newJO config file of L2MuonSA algs to the TrigL2MuonSA package, ATR-16944

Shota Hayashida requested to merge shhayash/athena:shhayash22042019 into master

I want to merge this changes into master.

Just move a newJO config file of muon trigger algorithms to TrigL2MuonSA package and rename it since L2 changes should be worked on it's package.
I left one of the functions at, generateMuonsCfg, in TriggerMenuMT package.

I checked that muon pt estimated by L2MuonSA doesn't change compared before and after these changes by newJO_build test.

tagging @markowen, @sshaw, @nakahama, @iconnell, @bernius and @fpastore for info.

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