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add FTKJobProperties with flags doTruthLinks and doDetailedTruth

This add FTKJobProperties with flags doTruthLinks and doDetailedTruth that are set to False by default. This fixes the problem FTKSIM-126 that additional TruthParticlesAuxDyn variables were being added when rec.doFTK was set to true. It also contains a fix to only load FTK_RDO_readerAlgo when the input is BS or RDO. This enables rec.doFTK to be set to true by default as required in ATR-19553

I have tested that the appropriate normal AOD is produced by default and the enhanced AOD output can be enabled by: from FTK_RecExample.FTKJobProperties import FTKFlags;FTKFlags.doTruthLinks.set_Value_and_Lock(True);FTKFlags.doDetailedTruth.set_Value_and_Lock(True)

The somewhat undesirable feature is that setting a FTKFlag causes changes to the content of TruthParticlesAuxDyn. However the doDetailedTruth would only be set to True for special dedicated FTK productions, so this seems a pragmatic solution to move forward.

The doSmearing flag currently does nothing, but is these for when FTKFastSim is added in the near future.

@jahreda @rbielski if you think this looks OK I will remove the WIP

Edited by John Baines

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