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Di muon changes atr 19382

Aparajita Dattagupta requested to merge adattagu/athena:diMuon_ATR-19382 into 21.3

For ATR-19382

  1. Adding mu20_ivarmedium_mu6noL1, mu20_ivarmedium_mu4noL1 and mu20_ivarmedium_mu62noL1 triggers in MC_pp_v8.

  2. Added j0_gsc0_boffperf_split_L1RD0_FILLED in jetSlice and removed it from under if doFTK.

For ATR-19277

  1. Remove j0_gsc0_boffperf_split_L1RD0_FILLED from do_FTK and add to ps_perform_list block before if doFTK



Edited by Aparajita Dattagupta

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