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WIP: New JetTrackAssistPackage and integrate TAR jets into JetReclustering

Jason Robert Veatch requested to merge jveatch/athena:21.2-TARDev into 21.2

TrackAssistHelper, TARJetTool, and SATScaleTool are moved from JetRecTools to a new package, JetTrackAssist. The new package is intended to be included in AnalysisBase as well as AthAnalysis. Preprocessor directives and alternate method definitions are included to prevent dependencies on TrackVertexAssociation in AnalysisBase. Additionally, TARJetTool is integrated into JetReclustering as a modifier along with JSS moment tools to add TAR moments. This MR is meant to follow !23111 (merged) and additional changes will be made after it is merged.


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Tagging @gstark and @jburr as the original JetReclustering developers and @mleblanc, @bnachman, and @mswiatlo as the jet reclustering experts. Also tagging @loch, @williams, @sschramm, @cyoung, and @cdelitzs for JSV and JSS.

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