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Fixing RHadron Hadronic Interactions and Stop/Sbottoms

Zach Marshall requested to merge zmarshal/athena:21.0_RHadronUpdates into 21.0

This merge request fixes two sets of problems.

First, there were problems in the logic that assigned hadronic interactions to R-hadrons. The problem was essentially that one quark in the light quark system was ignored when calculating the R-hadron properties. This is (surprisingly) a quite good approximation as long as you aren't making extremely heavy R-hadrons, and as long as you don't have stop or sbottom R-mesons, where there is only one light quark in the R-hadron. That's fixed, the list of R-hadron interactions has changed somewhat, and the results change a little bit.

Second, we needed a few minor adjustments to get stop and sbottom R-hadron simulation working. That should all be done. Validation plots have been made and everything.

Along the way, fixing a little typo in a comment that was bugging me, and doing a little bit of tidying.

cc: @leejr , @ekuwertz , @hoide , @kpachal

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