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Updated electron reco T&P/muon ID track T&P


Electron channel

  • Added template selection for electron reco T&P
  • Added histograms to monitor electron container efficiency
  • Added same sign selection and trigger T&P histograms
  • Removed "CMS" histograms
  • Tidied up the logic in the isZee if statement

Muon channel

  • Added histograms to monitor ID track efficiency
  • Tidied up the logic in the isZmumu if statement


Python scripts

  • Added functions for reco efficiency calculation (nominal and template method)
  • Added flags for os/ss selection, as well as the appropriate histograms (electron channel only)
  • Updated Monte-Carlo correction factors, with a CF for each mc subcampaign and a flag to choose
  • Updated electron channel acceptance factor
Edited by Michael William O'Keefe

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