Fix thinning of HLTResult (ATR-18627)

Frank Winklmeier requested to merge fwinkl/athena:hltresult_thinning into master

The thinning was never applied to the old-style HLT::HLTResult as it is stored as const in the event store. Fix this by const-cast. The thinning of the xAOD::TrigNavigation worked as it's already non-const in the store.

Besides fixing the bug, removed one templated method as we need different treatment for the const/non-const case.

For reference, this changes the trigger output in q431:

05-13 14:20 ERROR    Py:diff-root         INFO  [HLT::HLTResult_p1_HLTResult_HLT]: 1622 leaves differ
05-13 14:20 ERROR    Py:diff-root         INFO  [HLT::HLTResult_p1_HLTResult_HLT.m_navigationResult]: 40693 leaves differ

This change was also validated in 21.0. For the moment, we don't want to add it there but the RunTier0Tests.log file is attached.

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