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VHLowTrackJetFilter Updates 21.0

Amber Roepe-Gier requested to merge aroepe/athena:VHLowTrackJet_21.0 into 21.0

We have some minor updates to the VHLowTrackJetFilter we would like to incorporate before any reprocessing is done. The last time we were merging this filter into branch 21.0, the sweep to master failed. I think an issue is in the PhysicsAnalysis/SUSYPhys/LongLivedParticleDPDMaker/src/components directory. The files in this directory was included in a commit on the master branch that changed the architecture for many different packages in Athena, but wasn't changed in the 21.0 branch. I will be making a separate MR for the master branch that includes the updated /src/components directory.

The previous MR opened for this filter is here: !20532 (merged)

The changes here also reflect the changes that Matthew Gignac incorporated into his MR (!23277 (merged)).

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