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Fix Configurable behaviour, make tau codes more robust in RDO to RDO Trigger, add Trigger EDM to out RDO

Tomasz Bold requested to merge tbold/athena:add-output-to-trigrdo into master

In this MR more changes to make HLT runable in RDO to RDOTrigger are added. Change in the Configurable behaviour to declare conflict when the python classes are distinct. In fact, this was a bug because what truly matters in checking for conflict is that the configured c++ component is the same. I also changed the logic from the duck typing to an approach used in majority of python codes in atlas. Tagging @fwinkl as he may be interested in it.

In this MR I also made modifications to the tau codes to make them robust against the fact that the reconstruction sometimes fails to produce objects. This only partly successful as there are still ERROR messages in the log. The job though finishes. I'll post more on JIRA ticket: ATR-19898 For the moment the taus are disabled until fixed on tau side.

EDM collections to be present in the output RDO are in place. Tested with: TrigUpgradeTest/ - not crashing and prints some values that look realisticly.

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