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WIP:tracking geometry buildup + MaterialOnFly option

Sarka Todorova requested to merge todorova/athena:ITk-tracking_geometry into 21.9

Build of the ITk tracking geometry 1/ resolves the problem of overlapping / merged layers 2/ allows automatized transcript of GeoModel material into TG material maps - activated by switch TrkDetFlags.MaterialSource='MaterialOnFly' 3/ import of updated sim-level validation ntuple ISF_Geant4Tools/PhysicsValidationUserAction - activated by switch ISF_Flags.ValidationMode = True - contains information about hits, material, tracking and resolution - filling of interaction info switched off by default (large disk space requirements)

ad 2/ for better approximation of material distribution, it is recommended to use additional option: include("InDetSLHC_Example/") ToolSvc.InDetTrackingGeometryBuilder.BuildBoundaryLayers = True

ad 3/ the validation option requires definition of the output file, for example

if ISF_Flags.ValidationMode: if not hasattr(ServiceMgr, 'THistSvc'): from GaudiSvc.GaudiSvcConf import THistSvc ServiceMgr += THistSvc("THistSvc") ServiceMgr.THistSvc.Output += ["ISFG4SimKernel DATAFILE='ISFG4SimValidation.root' OPT='RECREATE'"]

The validation should never be run in the production mode ( disk space constraints )

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