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WIP: updated HTT config file

Tobias Fitschen requested to merge (removed):21.2 into 21.2

(cherry picked from commit aa5aebbc9cda1a08367b5568198bb4bd2ca82af0)

BoostedJetTaggers was modified in the forked athena version of jetetmiss-substructure ( in a commit that is not yet present in this ( athena version. This commit ( applies some fixes to a header for the HTT which otherwise leads to compilation errors. The issue was first discovered when compiling WTopTaggingDAODDumper ( which uses the HTT. After applying this cherry pick, the compilation works fine again. It was not discovered earlyer because up to now, WTopTaggingDAODDumper used the forked athena version of jetetmiss-substructure and only recently was updated to use this athena version instead.

Edited by Katherine Pachal

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