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WIP: Ff at substructure groomer recolevel

Hi all, I am interested in trying to apply the SoftDrop algorithm on top of the substructure that is calculated for re-clustered jets both if using EMTopo jets than EMPflow, the detail are in ANALYSISTO-827.

To implement this possibility I had to:

  • change the TopConfig package to add 2 new parameters that enable and configure the softdrop
  • change the EventSaver to store the variables obtained with the softdrop applied (and/or also the ones without the softdrop)
  • change the RCJetMC15 code to read the configurations and actually apply the softdrop to the substructure.
  • change the CmakeFile of TopEvent to add the new dependencies on FastJet libraries, used in the soft drop algorithm

I tested in AT21.2.81. I need to implement this also at particle level but I would like to do that in a second step.

Cheers Federica

Edited by Federica Fabbri

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