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Fix a problem of HnlSkimmingTool and code cleanup (ATLDHNL-21)

Susumu Oda requested to merge oda/athena:21.0-HNL-filter-fix into 21.0

The second commit is to fix a problem of HnlSkimmingTool. oda/athena@04f6c8b4

HnlSkimmingTool keeps the first muon passed a prompt selection as the prompt muon candidate. However, the prompt selection does not check its d0 and the prompt muon candidate can be a displaced muon. I will change the logic. Keep all prompt muon candidates. Keep all displaced muon candidates. If there is at least one pair of a prompt muon candidate and a displaced muon candidate, which is different from the prompt muon candidate, then the event is kept.

Efficiency recovery with an MC signal sample (mc16_13TeV.311633.Pythia8EvtGen_A14NNPDF23LO_WmuHNL50_10G_lt10dd.recon.AOD.e7422_a875_r10724) is about 3%.

The first commit is just for code cleanup. oda/athena@2a0d9c2f

This MR affects only DRAW_RPVLL.

Edited by Susumu Oda

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