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Implement el-mu, el-el and mu-el fiters for displaced HNL analysis but disabled by default (ATLDHNL-19)

Susumu Oda requested to merge oda/athena:21.0-ATLDHNL-19-v2 into 21.0


  • prompt electron-displaced muon filter
  • prompt electron-displaced electron filter
  • promp muon-displaced electron filter

in addition to prompt muon-displaced muon filter for DRAW_RPVLL for displaced HNL analysis. These new filters are disabled by default.

Define several new primRPVLLDESDM flags for these filters.

This MR affects only DRAW_RPVLL. DRAW_RPVLL results will be changed only if we change the primRPVLLDESDM flags for these filters.

Edited by Susumu Oda

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