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Add `` to read `HASCSC` flag from `MuonSwitches` and use it during job configuration

Nicolas Koehler requested to merge nkoehler/athena:MuonGMJobProperties into 21.3


this MR is the last one in a series of MRs to get the new layouts for Run3 (symmetric and asymmetric NSW) running in 21.3 without the users have to specify anything apart from the --geometryVersion when running the full chain (sim/digi/reco).

The main change is that a new flag HASCSC is present in the MuonSwitches which is read by the such that during configuration one can check for MuonGeometryFlags.hasCSC(). The changes here are the final step making the ATLAS layout ATLAS-R3-2021-00-00-00 obsolete and replacing it by ATLAS-R3S-2021-01-00-00. In the same moment, a new asymmetric layout ATLAS-R3-2021-01-00-00 having the NSW only on the Aside is supported.

Important: ATLAS-R3-2021-00-00-00 is not supported anymore after this MR is merged!

Adding @jchapman for simulation

Adding @rosati, @wleight and @cchau for muon software

Adding @sroe for having a look

Best, Nico

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