WIP: updating the VP1Light Project to "master" on CC7

The VP1Light project has to compile on CC7, macOS, and Ubuntu. This MR implements and tests the compilation of the VP1Light project on macOS 10.14.5, CC7, SLC6, and Ubuntu 18.0.4

Mostly VP1-related or minor changes here, apart from some explicitly linked library needed for macOS compilation and the #ifndef XAOD_STANDALONE guards to get xAODTrigger/Root/TrigComposite_v1.cxx compiled in standalone mode. For that, I would ping @akraszna, because the AnalysisBase release could be affected by the changes to the xAODTrigger package.


This MR requires the new Externals packages GeoModelCore (https://gitlab.cern.ch/GeoModelDev/GeoModelCore) and GeoModelIO (https://gitlab.cern.ch/GeoModelDev/GeoModelIO) from the new standalone GeoModel.

Therefore, this MR will be a WIP until the new Externals MR containing the new packages will be merged: atlasexternals!536 (merged)

Edited by Louis-Guillaume Gagnon

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