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Insitu JMS for Large R Jets

Maria Florencia Daneri requested to merge mdaneri/athena:insituJMS into 21.2

Some changes were made in JetCalibTools in order to implement the insitu JMS calibration for Large Jets. Following the same idea as for the insitu JES, the insitu JMS is applied after this one to the calorimeter (calo) and the track assisted (TA) mass jets. Afterwards, the combined mass correction is calculated using as inputs the calo and the TA mass jets already calibrated up to the insitu JES and JMS level. Backwards compatibility has been kept, so there is the possibility to run insitu JES+JMS or only insitu JES. Only the InsituDataCorrection had to be changed to add this new feature, and there are two different insitu JMS calibrations depending on the jet mass range ("Low" and "High"). No changes were needed on the Calibration Sequence, only on the configuration files.

I’m tagging @sschramm and @cdelitzs so they can keep track.

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