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Make JSSTaggerBase fail with a more verbose error messege

Dan Guest requested to merge dguest/athena:loud-jss-tagger-fail into 21.2

The baseclass JSSTaggerBase implements some tools for truth labeling. It seems to indicate that it can use either "truth 3" information or "truth 1" information, but the required collections for the "truth 3" mode are definitely not in the TRUTH3 derivation.

I guess at some point we need to cleanup / clarify the definition of "truth 3 information", but in the meantime it's probably a good idea to make sure:

  1. the tool fails when we ask it for a non-standard collection that isn't in the format it's running on
  2. the tool says what collection is missing

I've implemented both these changes here. Tagging @cdelitzs, @jveatch, @adattagu for their opinions.

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