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Proper configuration of LAR OFC optimization in master

Guillaume Unal requested to merge gunal/athena:22-LAr-NoiseFix into master

Change LArAutoCorrTotalCondAlg and LArOFCCondAlg configurations to properly use flags to define OFC optimization strategy

Cleanup LArAutoCorrTotalCondAlg and LArOFCCondAlg code to remove unused OFC optimization strateghec0.pdfies (never used in run 1 and run 2 for data or MC campaigns, only used for the test studies early in run 1)

With this fix, the electronics noise simulated in digi+reco is the same as in release 21. See the attached plot for one example in the HEC (top=rel 21, middle= master before fix, bottom = after fix). Checks with other layers are similar. Also checked on few cells that the computed OFC coefficients are identical to release 21.

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