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WIP: Match new style LAr Digitization config to old

Rupert Tombs requested to merge rtombs/athena:diginewold into master

Modify ComponentAccumulator configuration for LAr Digitization with to match old style outputs.

Results are testable by Simulation/Digitization/test/


Introduce config scripts for MergeRecoTimingObjTool, LArDigitThinner, and AthenaPoolCnvSvc writing settings.

Remove semi-duplicated configuration for LArADC2MeVCondAlgCfg.

Teach LArRawChannelBuilderAlgCfg to handle MC input, and update its test ref for updated LArADC2MeVCondAlgCfg.

Fix minor style issues.

TODO what to do about EventInfo in OutputStreamCfg?

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