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Extended functionality to be able to fill 2D and 1D weighted histograms wiht string labels

Tomasz Bold requested to merge tbold/athena:add-2d-labels-filling into master

The fillers (1D and 2D) were restructured to allow histograms filling with string labels in additional cases. For 1D histograms - support now the filling with string and arbitrary weight For 2D histograms - support all the combinations: string-double, double-string, string-string and double-double, all of them with an arbitrary weight.

In addition: added option for timer to report other units. Tagging @damazio Cleaned filling code in general, tagging @cburton @ponyisi @fwinkl - maybe this can be streamlined further Additional protection was added for Monitored::Collection so that it does not accept a temporary containers. Else the collection is deleted before the actual filling and values from it are needed. We only had this in UT.

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