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Pileup Mitigation trktc study

Jonas Wurzinger requested to merge (removed):PileupMiti_TrkTCstudy into 21.3

Attempting to merge changes made to local 21.3 version for MET Trigger Pileup Mitigation study for the trktc algorithm.

The trktc algorithm uses Voronoi subtraction (VS), SoftKiller (SK), Cluster Vertex Fraction (CVF) and track-soft-term (TST). For this study, we want to evaluate the performance of different configurations of sub-algorithms. We included optional flags for running all of these and included the following configurations in both the EDM and the menu MC_pp_v8 with the according trigger names:

VSSK - sktc
CVF - tc_cvf
VSSK + CVF - sktc_cvf
CVF + TST - tc_cvftst
VSSK + CVF + TST - trktc

Please note that the original trktc algorithm chain, name and container name remain unchanged. To test our local changes and the functionality of the our chains and containers, we have run


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