Tile: update to reconstruction with 12-bit ADCs

Merged Vojtech Pleskot requested to merge pleskot/athena:tilecal-12bit into master

Up to now, TileCal has been using 10-bit ADCs. They will be replaced by 12-bit ADCs during the ATLAS upgrade. This commit updates the Tile software to be able to handle both 10- and 12-bit data.

All hard-coded numbers 1023, 1024, 1022.99, 2047 etc. were replaced by variables that are set during initialization. Each relevant algorithm and tool reads two variables from TileInfo: ADCmax, ADCmaskValue. The two values are set via TileConditions_jobOptions.py with the method TileInfoConfigurator.setupAdcRange.

To test the update, the tile.aant.root NTuple was produced for both 10- and 12-bit simulated data with commands: athena -c "EvtMax=100" jobOptions.G4Atlas_Tile.py athena -c "doTileNtuple=True" jobOptions_Tile_Dig.py Compatible results were obtained for the 10- and 12-bit setup.

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