WIP: an extra argument do_Pixel_nomerge added which, when set true, splits...

I have implemented an argument "do_Pixel_nomerge" in InDetOverlay package which is set to false by default and can be changed to true via postExec 'indetovl.do_Pixel_nomerge=true'.

When set to true, Pixel collections from hard-scatter (HS) and pile-up (PU) are not merged in the overlaid RDO file but kept split instead:

  • InDetRawDataContainer_p2_PixelRDOs for HS
  • InDetRawDataContainer_p2_PixelRDOs_PU for PU

When keeping the default value, there is only one overlaid Pixel collection in the output file:

  • InDetRawDataContainer_p2_PixelRDOs for HS+PU

Splitting HS and PU collections in the RDO output file is necessary for pseudo-tracking.

Should the same splitting be done also for SCT and TRT, @vpascuzz @tlari? Let me please know if there is a more optimal way to do it.

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