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BPHY8: Update of options and settings for isolation and close track tools

Wolfgang Walkowiak requested to merge wwalko/athena:21.2-BPHY8-201912-MR1 into 21.2

This is an update of BPHY8 in preparation of the derivation production for the full Run 2 B(s)mumu analysis. It mainly moves improvements in the calculation of isolation- and close-track-related variables from the ntuple maker level to the derivation level. These optimizations (and extensions) to the existing tools were studied on ntuple level using a small subset of special DAODs in which all ID track information was kept. However, in order to reduce the size of the BPHY8 DAODs again to a reasonable level before a derivation production run on all Run 2 data, it is mandatory to apply the necessary modifications to the corresponding tool classes on derivation level.

The derivation-level code has been validated against the existing, optimized ntuple-level code using small locally produced DAOD files. Once this BPHY8 code and settings update will be included in a new derivation cache, a derivation production request for a small subset of runs is forseen in order to conclude the validation with somewhat larger statistics.

Details on the modifications are:

Update of options for B and muon isolation as well as close track tools:

  • New track-to-PV association types ("track type options") for the track selection requirements;
  • Option to use the TrackVertexAssociationTool for track-to-PV assignment.
  • Addition of simple track-to-vertex chi2 calculation method in order to be able to compare it with the same from the ntuple maker level (used for validation purposes);
  • Inclusion of the vertex uncertainties into the calculation of the track-to-vertex chi2 for isolation and close-track-related variables;
  • Added code to debug the track-to-vertex assignment and the calculation of the chi2 of the track-to-SV distance to the BVertexClosestTrackTool (off by default);

Update of options for the AugOriginalCounts tool:

  • Add original number of tracks as decoration to a primary vertex. (Which is no longer accessible once ID tracks are removed from the DAOD.)
  • Add sqrt(sum(pt^2)) as decoration option for primary vertices. (Also no longer calculatable using the DAOD once (most) ID tracks have been removed from the DAOD.)

cc: @abarton, @egramsta, @boeriu, @calpigia

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