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WIP:Adding TRT extension alg to precision tracking

Matous Vozak requested to merge mvozak/athena:AddingTRTtoDeboBranch into master

This merge contains:

  1. Addition of TRT alg to the precision tracking module. These alg are specific only for electron signature hence are not scheduled for anything else. The configuration is not final as to be identical to Run2 it needs switch between DAF an XK option as well as specific cosmic setting.

  2. Moving of TRT data preparation to the precision tracking module from InDetSetup. TRT is not necessary for the FTF stage hence there is no reason for its data preparation to be there. This change requires precision tracking module to take extra RoI parameter set by default on EMViewRoIs (potentially could be none). This parameter is changed in the electron configuration to take the relevant RoI, whereas for other signatures it is not used at all. Therefore, the only change in the PT configuration in signature has been done only for electrons.

  3. Since this was added on top of @dbakshig branch it contains also additional changes in electron configuration which Debo can elaborate better than me if needed.

This change sets the TRT_PID necessary for electron signature. More details in ATR-18927

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