SUSYTools: Handle fatjets systs properly in TStore

Merged Eric Schanet requested to merge eschanet/athena:21.2 into 21.2

SUSYTools' SUSYObjDef_xAOD::GetFatJets() function doesn't properly handle recording fatjet containers of systematic variations in the xAOD::TStore. They would all get the same key in the TStore, resulting in the TStore complaining about Trying to overwrite object with key <the_key>

Trivially fixed by putting the name of the systematic variation into the key, similar to how it is being done in all other SUSYTools Get functions, e.g. SUSYObjDef_xAOD::GetJets() or SUSYObjDef_xAOD::GetTrackJets().

Tagging @salderwe and @janders so they can approve this small change :-)

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