SUSYTools: Support for PLVTight, run ECID but not part of signal definition

Hi @salderwe , @janders ,

in the RPV1L analysis we have two use cases that lead us to some private changes in ST that might be nice to integrate.

  • Support for PLVTight (should probably be extended to PLVLoose)
    • Requires to run the LowPtPLV augmentation to have the variable available. Even if the lepton selection is above the "LowPt" regime
    • Scale factors are not yet available, falls back to FCTight scale factors
    • I've probably missed some additional warnings for the fallback to FCTight
  • Run ECID and retrieve the corresponding scale factors, but don't make it part of the signal definition
    • In our analysis we use both pass/fail ECID electrons. As such we want to enable Ele.CFT Loose but the signal electron definition doesn't require ECID.
    • Added a flag Ele.CFTSignal that is true by default if Ele.CFT has been set, but can be turned off

I leave it as WIP for you to look into and discuss


@oducu , Javier

Edited by Nils Erik Krumnack

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