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Cleanup of MadGraphControl

Zach Marshall requested to merge zmarshal/athena:21.6_MGC_FurtherCleanup into 21.6

This implements quite a lot of cleanup in MadGraphControl. The interfaces are dramatically simplified, leaving more to other helper functions, rather than trying to do everything with one single interface that takes everything under the sun as a parameter. The assumption is that here forward everything will run with Gen_tf. It also cleans up quite a few historical features in the SUSY setup, presenting a single unified interface. I caught a few bugs along the way, though given the number of changes I expect I introduced some problems somewhere that we'll have to fix over the coming weeks.

The tests are updated, and all seem to be working except the condor submission test and the reweighting tests (some compilation problem with f2py2)

FYI @mcfayden and @hmildner

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