Solve the initialization problem between PixelCabling and SiRegionSelectorTable (ATLASRECTS-4788)

Soshi Tsuno requested to merge stsuno/athena:atlasrects-4788 into master

Current SiRegionSelectorTable access conditions data (PixelCabling) already at initialization() step, which is not by design for new conditions migration. The quick fix was implemented that the PixelCabling store the conditions data at initialization() step, but the event time stamp is not know at this stage (initialization()), the conditions data was needed to overwrite "every event" at execute() step. This will be a big overhead of the execution speed.

Now, reviewing the SiRegionSelectorTable, it was found that this function did not use "online identifier" from the PixelCabling, therefore, this SiRegionSelectorTable is not necessary to retrieve the information from conditions DB (via PixelCabling).

Thus, for online identifier, dummy value is set without accessing conditions DB. Made sure this did not change the result for T0 test (q221, q431).

This is also relevant to ATLASRECTS-5321.

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