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Title and Path Templates

Charles Burton requested to merge cburton/athena:master-PathAndTitleKeys into master

This adds the functionality request in

Users can write commands like array1D.defineHistogram('c', title='Plot of c for {0}', path='Keys/') or array2D.defineHistogram('c', title='Plot of c for {1} and {0}', path='Keys/{1}', xmax=3.)

File Changes Fix a small error in the documentation. Add examples for title template and path template. For each group in the array, store a tuple of the location of this histogram along each dimension. Create formatted titles and paths for each histogram. Add error message during a variable check. Helper function to determine histogram alias (to avoid same code in two places). New unit test to check python side of GenericMonitoringTool and GenericMonitoringArray. Fixed bug in test_offlineNamingConvention and added unit test for new helper function.


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